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Q-Village · Gangtou – International Young Designer Competition

Join-in the revival of the Gangtou Village with the power of design, discover lost cultural memories in the continuation of rural life and aesthetics, and rebuild the confidence of rural culture.

In response to the rural revitalization strategy, Gangtou Village, with its inherent Lingnan cultural legacy, aims to build a Lingnan-sytle demonstration village under the Beautiful Countryside Initiative by rediscovering and recreating the spatial values of the historical village. In this context, “Q-Village · Gangtou” International Young Designer Competition is launched to solicit innovative design proposals on space renovation and trade mix planning.

The design proposal should focus on enhancing the interest of rural spaces and avoid mass demolition or reconstruction. Meanwhile it should provide solutions for renovation of traditional buildings and trade mix planning of cultural and creative industries. The specific functions are subject to the designers and some descriptions on future operation and business model are required.

Standing at a turning point in history, we must play our part in the continuation of cultural legacies and the revival of cultural intelligence if we are to witness the magnificent transformation of this centennial village, discovering traditions that are uniquely Chinese rooted deep within, sparking innovation and vitality embedded within the village.

Under these premises, “Q-Village · Gangtou” International Young Designer Competition is ready to activate rural spaces with the power design and innovation efforts, thus educating and enhancing the fun features of rural built spaces.

Gangtou Village Is a 600-year old traditional village in Huadong Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Gangtou Village covers a total land area of 2.83 km2. In the south, the village features a typical Cantonese dwelling layout known as “comb-style layout”. With water on east, south and west, the village has four streams meeting in the south to form a beautiful harbor, hence the old saying “three streams run northward and four streams return to their origin”. With such a favorable geographical location, the village was once built with a freight port in ancient times, serving as a vital hub for land and water transportation in Huadu.

The best projects will be awarded with certificates, in addition to the following prizes:

  • First Prize – (1 Team): 14,000 USD
  • Second Prize – (3 Teams): 4,000 USD
  • Third Prize – (8 Teams): 1,400 USD

Several Honorable Mentions will also be selected and receive Honor certificates.

The prize-winning projects might be implemented on site and the local government has the final say.