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10. ICMA – International Creative Media Award

The 10th Call for Entries for the ICMA – International Creative Media Award is open for creative ideas worldwide.

The ICMA provides an overview of four areas of contemporary graphic design: corporate media, corporate design, book and magazine design.

There are awards in gold, silver and bronze. There are also Awards of Excellence, which are presented for outstanding individual achievements. Cash prizes are excluded.

Works created between 1 September 2018 and 30 September 2019 can be submitted. The competition is open to all persons or companies of all nationalities, birthplaces or places of residence.

The ICMA is primarily intended to promote the exchange of creative ideas on an international level. Further aims of the competition include:

  • To reveal trends: The results of the competition give every creative person the opportunity to classify his or her object in an international comparison and to quickly optimize his or her own product.
  • External impact: Winners report intensively on the awards they have won on their websites and in print media. They underline their claim to quality and at the same time advertise their own business.
  • Think tank: The publications about the winners in the ICMA yearbook and on promote their own creativity.

The number of 2,988 entries from 28 countries submitted in the first nine years of ICMA shows that the idea works.

10. ICMA – International Creative Media Award – Entry Fees

  • Custom Media: 180 Euro per publication.
  • Books: 90 Euro per book, book series 90 Euro all together with three books.
  • Corporate Design: 90 Euro per logo, 180 Euro per corporate design.
  • Magazines: 180 Euro per magazine.

Late entries are possible until 10 October 2019, an additional fee of 20% will be charged for submissions between 2 and 10 October, 2019.