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About Contest Watchers

Contest Watchers is a website dedicated to creative challenges and competitions worldwide. With a huge database of international contests in various disciplines, it comes handy to anyone who wants to compete for great prizes and recognition.

The site was launched in 2009 as a personal project of Goce Mitevski. It is updated Monday through Friday and the same goes for our social profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Creative Contests Galore

Contests on Contest Watchers are organized in categories, grouped by status, discipline and several other parameters.

Open, Expired and Finished are the three most important categories and contain all contests on site. Contests move between these categories upon certain events. A contest is open until its deadline expires. As such, it is firstly contained in the Open category. Once its deadline expires, it is automatically transferred to the Expired category and assigned a pending status. Finally, when the competition results get announced, we transfer the contest to the Finished category and link to a page with detailed information about the results.

Additionally, contests always belong to a few more groups of categories. We have separate categories for competition disciplines – almost all Visual Arts disciplined are covered – as well as for annual, free, Students only, residency, scholarship and grant contests.

All time-based calculations on Contest Watchers are based on UTC.

In A Parallel Universe…

In a parallel universe, Contest Watchers is a super serious gang of five fictional characters. The characters are fictional but they somehow managed to get in touch with the real world. They really hope that link is never broken.