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The 2010 Blender Summer Game Competition

The first Blender Summer Game Competition has started!

This summer will be full of excitement as many of the Blender users are making games to enter in this competition. If you don’t know how to make games with Blender 3d, then this is a perfect excuse!

Take part in the 2010 Blender Summer Game Competition.


Create a game using Blender – the free open source 3D content creation suite.

There will only be one category in this contest – Overall Best.

The voting will be ENTIRELY community vote. There will be no judges.

Voting will take place between 2 September and 1 October. It will be based on the following:

  • Graphics Most eye catching and cleanest art
  • Most Incredible Physics
  • Most Fun and Re-playability
  • Gameplay most glitch free and most professionally done


  • First Place:
    • Blender T-Shirt
    • Banner Picture
    • Choice from Blender E-Shop
    • Trophy
    • Shirt with logo
  • Second Place:
    • Shirt with logo
    • Blender Shirt
  • Third Place:
    • Shirt with logo


  • Game must be made in the Blender Game Engine and Blender 3D.
  • The game must work with either Blender version 2.49b or 2.5.
  • Please don’t use custom builds of Blender, only the official downloads from the website.
  • You may not enter your game if it got either first, second or third in any other contest.
  • If you game was(or is) entered in any other competition, it must be updated heavily to enter in this contest.

How to enter?

Sign up for the 2010 Blender Summer Game Competition and submit your entry.