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2023 Information Is Beautiful (IBB) Awards

Data Visualization Society is calling for submissions to the 2023 Information Is Beautiful (IBB) Awards.

Any data visualizations published between 1 September 2022 and 15 August 2023 are eligible for submission.

The IBB Awards celebrate beautiful visualizations from across sectors, developed in various platforms and physical spaces, including data art installations. The Awards also recognize exceptional studios and individual talent, including rising stars and students creating data visualizations.

Award Categories for 2023

Categories remain the same as last year with the exception of removing the 2022 special category, providing practitioners with opportunities to be recognized across a range of topical categories and special awards.

  • Arts, Entertainment & Culture: Visual arts, artists, music, literature, popular culture, celebrities, movies
  • Business Analytics: Finance, operations, marketing, non-profit management, business dashboards, profit and loss, balance sheets, human resources, strategy and planning
  • Current Affairs & Politics: National and global political stories, elections, political party analysis, economics, immigration and migration patterns
  • Humanitarian: Human migration, international development, human impact of climate change, broad themes related to nonprofit response and support
  • Leisure, Games & Sport: Professional sports statistics, analysis of individual sports, professional athletes, esports, board games, leisure activities
  • People, Language & Identity: Demographics, linguistics, quantified self, personal stories related to individual identity, sociology, astrology
  • Places, Spaces & Environment: Data stories about specific locations (cities, parks, etc.), land use, natural resources, topics relating to the natural world (oceans, water, forests, deserts, etc.), natural disasters, conservation, climate change, signage, way-showing systems,
  • Science, Technology & Health: Biology, chemistry, physics, robotics, astronomy, medicine, public health, computer science, hardware, software, internet of things, mathematics
  • Unusual: Unique mediums (sonification, physical visualization installations), data art, personal stories, interesting datasets

At a high level, in 2023 submissions will be assessed based on if the work is: impactful, engaging, clear, innovative & creative, inclusive, effective, and beautiful.

About The IIB Awards

The Information is Beautiful (IIB) Awards originated in 2012, led by David McCandless, journalist and data visualizer of Information is Beautiful, in collaboration with Aziz Cami, then Creative Director at Kantar.

Since 2022, the IIB Awards are now hosted by the Data Visualization Society, but have a storied history since their start in 2012.

2023 Information Is Beautiful (IBB) Awards – Submission Fees

  • Agencies / Studios / Brands / Companies (>5 team members) USD $200 per piece entered
  • Media Outlets / NGOs / Gov’t / Education USD $100 per piece entered
  • Solo Practitioners / Small Companies (≤5 team members) USD $50 per piece entered
  • [New] Small companies or nonprofits from low and middle income countries (≤5 team members) USD $10 per piece entered
  • Students / members of the public whose work has not been professionally commissioned or published – Free