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2nd International DonkeyArtPrize – Contemporary Art Competition

Blindonkey Cultural Association announces the opening of the second edition of the DonkeyArtPrize; a competition aimed at promoting modern and contemporary Art, developing an international community of artistic talent and discovering brand new artists.

Each artist will be given the chance to expose their work in the DonkeyArtPrize circuit of events, and the winners will receive a cashprize award.

The prize has an extremely free theme and subject. It is divided into three sections: Painting, Digital Art and Video.


Submit artworks on any theme in the following categories:

  • PAINTING Category: There is total technical and stylistic freedom (oil, tempera, acrylic, ink, vinyl, watercolor, graphite, pencil, collage, litography etc.) on whichever support (canvas, paper, wood, plastics, iron, etc ).
    The max dimensions allowed per each works are 200×200 cm, frame included and 25 kg of weight
  • PHOTOGRAPHY and DIGITAL ART Category: There is total technical and stylistic freedom, color and black/white, analogical photos, digital photos, polaroid, mobile photos etc. The image can also be totally made by computer or taken from other sources; like a painting, a photograph, collages, litography etc. Or from a digital drawing made by software using a mouse or a graphic tablet.
    The max dimensions allowed per piece are 180X180 cm.
  • VIDEO INSTALLATION Category: Any technique is allowed for film making, animation, video making etc. And you may choose any form of digital support. For online video subscription there is a blank space in the application form to write the link to your video (URL). That’s the easiest way!
    Maximum length is 10 minutes.


The Prize is divided in three section:

  • Painting category, €5000
  • Photography Digital art category, €5000
  • Video category, €5000

One winner of each category will get a free accommodation in a four star hotel in Milan (Italy), for the awarding ceremony and exhibition.

At the end of the competition, the jury will select 150 finalists, 50 each category, they will be invited to display their work in one of the galleries of the DonkeyArtPrize circuit in the period comprised between April and July 2012 in the cities of Milan, London, New York, Shanghai and Sao Paulo.


  • The Prize is open to all artists of visual arts without any boundaries of age, sex, nationality or qualification.
  • Each artist can participate with one work only, to one sections.
  • The work must be recent, preferably made at last two years prior to the starting date of this competition.
  • Groups of artist are not allowed.
  • The first selection will be made by photos only. Do not send hard copies of your work.
  • Please, no sculpture, no installation, no work composed by two or more images, no composition of many works, no collections, and no audio installation.

How to enter?

There are two ways to enter the DonkeyArt prize:

  1. Online, filling in the application form at
  2. Sending pieces by post, delivered to the head office of the association no later than 15 February 2012:
    127 Porta Nuova St, 37122 Verona, Italy

Please visit the official website for further details and guidelines.

Entry fee

The submission fee is €30 for each piece of work submitted, €35  via Paypal. It is non-refundable and it is set as an association fee.