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2nd International Print Biennial Łódź 2018

Print Biennial Łódź 2018 is hosting a two-stage international competition for artworks created on paper in different graphic techniques.

Entry is open to professional artists and students in their final two years of art school, for up to 3 works per participant.

Winners will be awarded a total of 9,000 Polish złoty – 4,000 zł of which are reserved for the Main Prize. The winning works will also be part of the Post-Competition Exhibition scheduled for April, 2018 in the city of Łódź in Poland. The Exhibition will be presenting the overall condition of the contemporary graphic art, giving artists from around the world an opportunity to confront their creative attitudes.

Each exhibition participant will receive a diploma as a proof of participation.

Artworks made in the period from 2015 to 2017 are eligible for submission.

Tha Print Biennial Łódź 2018 prize list includes:

  • Main Prize – 4,000 zł
  • Second Prize – 3,000 zł
  • Second Prize – 2,000 zł
  • Special Award – 1,000 zł
  • 7 Honour Prizes
  • Solo Exhibition with the catalogue.

2nd International Print Biennial Łódź 2018 Participation Fees

Participation in the first stage of the competition is free.

The fee for Stage 2 is 95 Polish złoty for participants from Poland and 50 Euro for participants from abroad.