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3rd International Student Poster Competition 2010

Climate change, global warming, biodiversity loss, drinking water and sanitation problems, loss of environmental resources, pollution, Kyoto protocol, Copenhagen summit… take an action and step forward. Show your opinion about this enormous problem facing our planet. Say it loud!!!

Students of graphic design and visual arts from all over the world are invited to make a poster contribution.

This project should promote the ‘poster’ as a mean of expressing ideas among the European and worldwide youth.


Design posters that promote visual solutions of environmental problems on the main topic: “be ecoLOGIC“.


  • First Prize: €1500
  • Second Prize: €1000
  • Third Prize: €600

Also, the jury will select 7 honorable mentions for the best posters that communicate the ecoLOGIC issue.

The 3 winning and 7 honorable poster mentions, from the 3rd ISPC “be ecoLOGIC” will be exposed to the billboards and posters in Skopje and in several cities in Europe, where the post review exhibitions are planned.


  • The competition is only to art and design students registered at an educational institution for art and design including disciplines such as fine arts, graphic design, communication design, visual communication, media design and other related disciplines. There’s no limit for nationality.
  • Students may either register for the competition individually or their school/university may enter them for the competition provided that the student has given his/her consent.
  • Team entries are allowed; teams may consist a maximum of 3 students. If a team entry wins the competition, the prize will be equally split among all team members.
  • Each participant / group may enter a maximum of three poster visuals.
  • The poster should preferably be in English, German or French; however, poster texts in all other languages will be accepted.
  • All used fonts should be in outlines or rasterized.
  • No copyrighted material may be used for the design.
  • The organizers reserve the right to refuse entries they consider morally, politically or religiously offensive.
  • All posters become the property of the International Student Poster Competition, Skopje.

How to enter?

All participants need to register to the competition and attach their poster through the entry form on the official website. The printing costs will be covered by the organizer.

Submit your poster in the following formats:

  • Printable PDF, TIFF, EPS or JPG in B3 format (350x500mm) with the resolution of 300 dpi with CMYK color setting.
  • Preview of the same poster in B6 format (120x176mm) with the resolution not bigger than 150 dpi with RGB color setting for online web publication.