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4th Vistula International Art & Design Competition

Vistula University has recently launched the 4th edition of its annual International Art & Design Competition, this year themed “Perspective”.

Participants can submit photographic works, works of art and architectural visualizations made with traditional techniques.

The total prize fund is 100,000 Polish złoty (more than $25,000 US). The main prize is study in the chosen field of study at Vistula University. In addition, ten (10) people will go to the International Art Workshops in Mazury region, where under the supervision of professionals will creatively “paint with light”, using the “swanky” cameras, “megapixel” cell phones etc.

“Perspective” should be considered as a method of space on the surface presentation, but also in a broader sense: social, historical, metaphysical.

Eligible to participate are pupils of all secondary schools in Poland, and their counterparts outside the Polish borders.