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8th Founder Type Design Competition 2015

Beijing Founder Electronics has launched their 8th Founder Type Design Competition, calling type designers of any nationality to enter individually or in groups.

The intention is to carry forward Chinese traditional character culture, promote type design innovation, find excellent talents in type design and promote the development of the font design field.

The prize fund is more than $25,000! Winners will be announced in each competition category. Awards of Excellence, Peopleʼs Choice, Judgesʼ Choice and the Outstanding Teacher Award will be awarded as well.

Type design in China embraces a new age, as rapid development of the Internet promotes the transformation of design technology and communication media, which brings collisions and blend between Chinese and western cultures.

This call is an invitation for submitting typefaces created after February 2014, which have not been previously published or released.

Entries that have been awarded prizes and/or received distinctions in any other competitions are also not eligible.

The complete regulations in English are available for download, as we found them on the website of Association Typographique Internationale.

The Founder Type Design Competition has been held seven occasions successfully since June in 2001. Each occasion made by experts in design field, type designers, and amateurs on type design and calligraphy. Through 10-year accumulated efforts, the Founder Type Design Competition gained high acclaim in Chinese type design.