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8th International Exlibris and Small Graphic Art Competition

Gdańsk Archipelago of Culture and Gdańsk Community Foundation are hosting their 8th International Exlibris and Small Graphic Art Competition, themed “The Dreams of Gdańsk Neptune”.

The intention is to continue the rich, multi-century long tradition of creating exlibris and graphic works of art in Gdańsk and to promote the city of Gdańsk in Poland and abroad.

The competition will result in a post-competition exhibition shown in the most important institutions of culture of the Pomeranian region and a catalog of awarded works and the ones considered to be the most interesting ones by the jury. The awarded and honored works as well as other works qualified by the jury will be presented at an exhibition in Gdańsk in 2016 and in centers of culture in the Pomeranian region in 2017.

A professional jury composed of recognized graphic artists will awards statutory financial prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. There will also be special prizes. A total of 7,000 Polish złoty will be awarded.

Any graphic form artists can participate, as the competition has an open character. The number of entries per participant is unlimited.

Submitted works must be new and not be bigger than 130 x 130 mm.

The Exlibris and Small Graphic Art Competition is of a periodical character and attracts distinguished Polish and international artists as well as beginners.