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8th OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition 2011

The OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC) is an international ideas competition, aimed at students and emerging practitioners, which is organised every four years by the Architecture Commission of OISTAT (International Organisation of Scenographers, Technicians and Theatre Architects).

OISTAT is pleased to announce the launch of the next TAC, to be completed in 2011. Selected entries of TAC are exhibited and cash prizes awarded at the Prague Quadrennial (PQ) the major international exhibition of scenography and theatre architecture, which takes place every 4 years in Prague in the Czech Republic.

This is a competition to create and design a place for a particular type of performance.


Competitors are asked to design a theatre space for a particular type of performance, which must be defined by the competitor. This may be a conventional performance or something more experimental, using a range of media and technologies.

In this way it is hoped to encourage a deeper understanding of the relationship between the performance itself and the space, which it inhabits.

The aim is to create a space, which supports the chosen type of performance in the best possible way. It should explore how a performance space could be designed to reflect the cultural ethos of the 21st century and whether performances in our time are best housed in purpose designed theatres or can take advantage of more open, flexible settings, to meet the needs of artists and respond to an increasingly global information culture.

In particular, competitors should attempt to answer the question on why people continue to choose to visit live performances, despite the overwhelming amount of digital entertainment now available to them. Central to this is the sense of community provided by a shared experience.


The first prize will be €5,000, the second prize will be €2,500 and the third prize will be €1,000. There will be three additional prizes of €500 each.

In addition to these prizes, there will be honourable mentions. The jury reserves the right to modify the distribution of prize money, within the same total amount and number of prizes.

The results of the competition will be announced on the OISTAT website from 16 April 2011. Prizes will be presented at the Prague Quadrennial in June 2011 at a ceremony to be held in St Anna’s church, and paid electronically to those unable to attend, after the prize-giving.


  • The competition is open to architects and students of schools of architecture.
  • It is an ideas competition and there is no intention that the winning entry will be built.
  • Competition entries may only be submitted on a CD-ROM which should be clearly labelled with the code number, both on the CD and its cover.
  • The competition entries will become the property of OISTAT and may be published and exhibited in any country at the discretion of OISTAT.

How to enter?

Competitors should send their entries to this address free of fees for the recipient:

Theater Projekte
Daberto + Kollegen
Augustenstraße 59
D-80333 München

Every entry shall compromise an electronic copy of the following:

  • A single panel at AO size (1189 x 841 mm / 46.81 x 33.11 inches) in vertical (portrait) format submitted in pdf format at 300 dpi resolution). The document itself and the pdf file will be identified by a random six-figure code (e.g. 123456/dwg.pdf)
  • A short written description of the project, the performance to be housed and an explanation of the design concept (maximum 200 words). The text will be incorporated on the panels but must also be submitted separately as an A4 size Word document. The document and the pdf file will be identified by a random six figure code (e.g. 123456/text.doc)
  • Both the drawing and text documents and the files containing them are to be identified by a code of six numbers to be chosen at random by the competitor(s), appearing in the top right hand corner of each document,10mm high.
  • A completed entry form in Word format, including the same code no. as in para 2.2 (c) above. The entry form can be downloaded from the OISTAT website. In cases where competitors form a team, all collaborators must be named. Information provided here will be used in all publications, so please double check spelling!
  • A closed envelope containing the completed entry form with the same six figure code (e.g. 123456) on the outside.
  • All text is to be in English.

Entry fee

The entry fee for the competition is €50 per entry. Competitors will pay via pay pal on the OISTAT website, no later than 11 March 2011, using their random six figure code no. to identify their payment.

Entries submitted without an entry fee will not be considered.