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A New Symbol for Europe

The current European flag with its twelve identical yellow stars placed in a circle on a blue field, was designed in 1955. Since then Europe has changed. About 30 million people from Middle Eastern, African and Asian origins are living and working in Europe. Besides these new cultures, the inter European immigration creates a new mix of cultures as well. In the last 50 years Europe has become a very fine maze of identities. What is the identity of this cultural, economical and dynamic Europe with its diversity in cultures, languages, traditions and believes? And what is the perception on Europe, from within and from the outside? How would a new symbol for Europe look like? Should it be one symbol? Or more?

Designers are invited to send in their design for a new symbol for Europe. 12 Submissions will be selected by an international jury and will be printed on flags. These flags will be shown during the first edition of Design and Government in 2010 in Den Haag and Berlin.


The call for entries is organized by Foundation Design Den Haag 2010-2018 in the context of the biannual Design and Government 2010.


Do you have a good design that visualizes the European identity in one symbol? Submit your own proposal here.


All submissions will be presented on our website (provided that they don’t offend anyone) in June 2010. 12 designs will be printed on flags (2 x 3 m) and will be exhibited in the open air in Den Haag, The Netherlands and Berlin, Germany (locations and dates will be announced soon). A selection of all the submissions will also be published in a booklet, which will be presented to the European Union.


  • All designers, young and old, professional and students, can enter as individuals or as groups.
  • The number of submissions is unlimited.
  • To be able to print the winning entries on a 2 x 3 m flag, you should enter an image of your design which meets the following requirements:
    • document type: vector (eps/ai/pdf)*
    • dimensions: 20 x 30 cm
    • colour: CMYK
    • fonts: contours
    • document size: max 10 Mb

* If you can’t submit your design in vector, please submit the highest resolution document possible in jpg, with document size below 10 Mb.

How to enter?

Submit your designs by using the official entry submission online form.

To enter, provide the following material:

  1. Personal information:
    • name designer(s)
    • design bureau / academy
    • position
    • country
    • website
    • contact person
    • email
  2. Your proposal:
    • one image
    • title for your design
    • short explanation of your design (max 65 words, English)