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Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) 2023 – Architecture Award

The Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) is a prestigious global competition celebrating remarkable architectural achievements. It showcases innovative designs, highlighting the creativity and impact of architects.

The competition covers various categories, including architecture, interior design, urban planning, and landscape architecture (now also architectural photography).

Winning an AMP award is a mark of distinction and recognition, propelling architects and designers to the global spotlight. The AMP awards bring international acclaim and media exposure, elevating the profile of recipients and their projects.

Renowned architects, designers, academics, and industry experts make up the distinguished judging panel, ensuring a professional evaluation process.

The AMP awards celebrate not only established professionals but also provide a platform for emerging talents to gain visibility and credibility within the industry. Professional entries will be judged against other professionals and student entries against other students.

Participating in the Architecture MasterPrize awards represents an opportunity to join the ranks of the industry’s elite and gain recognition for your exceptional talent and visionary contributions to the built environment.

Please visit the official website for further details.

Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) 2023 – Fees

The submission fee starts from $25 and varies per competition program.

The earlier you submit, the lower the cost.