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Architecture Naturally – Student Photography Competition

The focus for Architecture Naturally is on an important relationship – that which exists between architecture, and the natural world. Often seen as being in conflict, this relationship is high on the political and social agenda, reflecting changing attitudes toward sustainability, and our place in relation to the natural world.

We are looking for young photographers who can capture our increasing desire for harmony between the spatial, social and environmental aspects of our lives. We are looking for striking images that reflect how the built environment and nature can shape, inspire and benefit each other in positive, sustainable ways.


At ADP, we believe this relationship can produce creative and dynamic design solutions, incorporating the latest advances in technology with bold new aesthetics that won’t cost the Earth. First prize this year, therefore, will go to the aspiring photographer who can capture the positive balance that can be achieved between architecture and Nature, with both informing and supporting the other.

At ADP, we believe our buildings should be of the hill. That means they have a responsibility to sensitively interact and reflect the context in which they operate. For this year’s student photography competition, we are looking for fresh eyes that can capture a particular element of this idea: the complex relationship between the built environment and the natural world.

Architecture Naturally Information Pack


Submit your photographs that are in relation with the focus of the contest. The focus for this year’s competition is on the important relationship between architecture, and the natural world.

“Nature doesn’t have a design problem. People do…. What would it mean to become, once again, native to this place, the Earth – the home of all our relations?”
William McDonough and Michael Braungart, Cradle-to-Cradle (2002)


  • 1st Prize:
    • Photographic commission: £1000
    • Camera equipment vouchers: £750
    • 1 year subscription to Digital Photographer magazine
  • 2nd Prize:
    • Adobe Photoshop CS4: Worth over £500
    • Camera equipment vouchers: £500
  • 3rd Prize:
    • Adobe Lightroom: Worth over £200
    • Camera equipment vouchers: £250

In addition to the above prizes, the top three entrants will receive a unique Callprint Discount Card – entitling them to 25% off printing for a whole year

Winners and selected entrants will have the chance to have their work exhibited at two private exhibitions. Prints on display at these events will also be up for auction, to raise funds for Architecture Sans Frontieres-UK.


  • Architecture Naturally is open to students over the age of 16 studying photography or architecture, or related design courses at a UK education institution.
  • Staff, or the families of staff, employed by the sponsoring organisations may not enter the competition.
  • Photographs may be shot in digital or film format but you must supply a hard copy print, plus a CD.
  • Maximum of 3 photographic entries per person.
  • Hard copy prints of the photographs must be no larger than 297 x 420 cm (A3).
  • CD soft copies must be submitted in their original file size without any interpolation.
  • All photographs must be mounted and clearly labelled (using the label template provided with the entry form) on the reverse with name, photo title, address, contact email and telephone number.
  • Each image should be clearly specified with a description on the entry form of the subject shown and when, where and how the image was captured.
  • Details must also be provided of the camera or equipment used, and any subsequent manipulation carried out, eg. Use of Photoshop/Lightroom etc.
  • Photographs and CDs to be sent to Photography Competition, ADP, Cantay House, Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1JD.

Architecture Naturally Information Pack

How to enter?

Make your request for an entry form on