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Art Water Skin The Bottle Competition on deviantART

Art Water is challenging the talented deviantART Community to make its mark on their unique bottle shape with label designs that represent your creative vision.

It’s your chance to compete to have your artwork dress bottles of Art Water in stores!

Conform only to the shape of the bottle and create an Art Water label that represents your aesthetic insight. How you feel the bottle should look or what you think the bottle should say is how Art Water wants you to design it.


Download the template and create your own bottle artwork.

The template will provide you with a rectangular “skin” outline representing the dimensions of the actual label that wraps around the bottle. Place your artwork into the rectangular template. There is also a side-view of the bottle, which you may optionally use (in addition to the required rectangular skin) to show off your artwork on an actual bottle shape.

Create anything you want using the template so long as it represents your vision. Your entry should show the Art Water name in whatever design or placement you choose.

Helpful tip: The Art Water bottle is clear, meaning you can play with the transparency for some crazy layering effects.

Designs will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Superlative Visual Design,
  • Best Utilization of the Art Water Bottle Design, and
  • Overall Artistic Presentation/Appeal.


There will be one photographer, one digital artist, and one traditional artist chosen to have their designs appear as Art Water bottle labels and sold throughout the United States!

Each artist will receive $1,500 USD, 8,000 deviantART Points, and a one year Premium Membership to deviantART!

Artists will also receive a $0.03 royalty for every bottle that is sold with their design on it.


  • Entrants must be at least 18 years old to participate;
  • Entries must be in GIF, PNG, or JPG file format. Winners will be required to submit PSD or vector files at the conclusion of the Competition;
  • Entries must originate in one of the following mediums: photography, traditional art, or digital art and be submitted to the corresponding gallery;
  • Entries must conform to the template provided;
  • Entries must be created specifically for this contest;
  • Entries may not use any watermarks, distinguishing artist marks, trademarks, recognizable people or any content not generated by the artist;
  • Entrant may submit more than one entry;
  • You must be a member of deviantART to enter. Membership is free.
  • Other requirements and restrictions apply, so please read the official rules carefully.

How to enter?

Save your artwork as a GIF, JPG or PNG and upload it to deviantART.