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AT&T Simplify Your Life Video Contest

The AT&T Simplify Your Life video contest is a chance for you to make your own video about AT&T’s Online Services, such as Paperless Billing, Account Management, Auto Pay, and Online Support. Each of these services can help to make life simpler.

Make your own video for this contest, and compete for $30,000 in cash awards, including a $20,000 Grand Prize.

Even if you’re not a video maker, you can still participate, and potentially win a prize.


Make a video that shows how AT&T’s Online Services simplify life.

Your video must reference one or more of these four aspects of AT&T Online Services:

  • Paperless Billing: Experience the convenience and security with online billing services.Key features/benefits:
    • view bills online from anywhere at anytime
    • easily access over 12 months of viewable and printable electronic bills
    • eliminate shredding bills, gain information security
    • reduce paper, reduce clutter
    • make a positive impact on the environment
  • Account Management: Manage your account anywhere you have online access.Key features/benefits:
    • upgrade features and services
    • get new product announcements
    • review and pay bills
    • check rate plan and usage
  • AutoPay: Automatic payment of bills eliminates the stress of worrying about misplaced mail! AutoPay is a secure and easy way to pay your AT&T bill. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your bill is paid automatically and on time every month.Key features/benefits:
    • save time and money
    • no more opening mail, writing checks, or buying stamps
    • easy to set up, easy to stop
    • receive payment confirmations
  • Online Support: Get troubleshooting tips and answers to common questions 24×7.Key features/benefits:
    • easy to access and well-communicated support content
    • tutorials and online video support
    • chat services

Remember the point of the campaign is to show — in a lighthearted, fun and engaging way — how AT&T Online Services simplify life.


There is $30,000 in cash awards for the videos in this contest, with a Grand Prize of $20,000. There are two ways to win cash awards for submitted videos: AT&T Awards and Voting Awards.

10 videos will be chosen by AT&T for awards (including the $20,000 Grand Prize), and 10 prizes will be decided by popular vote.

You can see the entire prize breakdown here.


  • You must be 18 years or older and a US resident to be eligible to participate in this contest. Employees of AT&T and their relatives, and employees of Zooppa and their relatives are not eligible to participate.
  • Videos should be 60 seconds or less.
  • AT&T prefers videos shot in HD.
  • Use a tripod when shooting, unless shaky video is intended.
  • Capture high quality sound. Pay special attention to background noises while filming; make sure that recorded audio is clean and clear.
  • Only use music that you have created yourself (using Garageband, Apple Loops, your own instruments etc.) or music for which you have purchased a commercial license.
  • Do not include any trademarked images or apparel (e.g. a Nike swoosh on a shirt, a major league baseball team logo, etc.).
  • Submissions with incorrect grammar or spelling may be rejected.

How to enter?

There are two ways to participate – you can upload a video (starting from 20 September 2010), and you can vote and comment on videos.

This AT&T contest is managed by Zooppa, and you must register as a Zooppa member in order to upload a video. Zooppa is a platform for staging video contests. Anyone can register for a Zooppa membership, it’s free!