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Be a Biographer – Crowdsourcing Design Challenge

The Blind Project launches a crowdsourcing design challenge called “Be a Biographer” to help victims and survivors of the commercial sex trade.

Do you imagine a world where profit comes from moral purpose? Where every purchase is a vote? And where creativity challenges the world’s perception of what is possible?

The social enterprise ‐ a sustainable business that combines non‐profit social purposes with for‐profit market strategies ‐ is no longer a niche idea. The Blind Project is proudly leading the charge with the launch of Be A Biographer, a crowdsourcing design challenge for a new sustainable style brand called Biographe.


So here’s the challenge. The Blind Project is inviting designers, artists and creative‐minded people to help tell the stories of victims and survivors of the commercial sex trade through their designs.

We want to connect your talents with her needs. For freedom, love, hope, dignity and protection. Our role is simple. To tell her story. To be her biographer,” said Anthony Dodero, co‐founder of The Blind Project.

The three Grand Finalists will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity: how imaginatively and beautifully does your design bring the story to lite?
  • Relevance: haw well does tI1e design connect to the story?
  • Marketability: how strongly does your design attract consumers to purchase the product?


The winning designs will be incorporated into fashion items, printed for gallery exhibitions and shown in advertising campaigns.


  • You have to use the supplied design template while creating your designs.
  • Working files should be restricted to 20” x 20” area and a resolution of no less than 300 DPI.
  • Designs are limited to 4 colors, but not limited to only solid colors. Half tones may be used with discretion.
  • You are free to submit as many designs as you like.

How to enter?

Submit your designs on the official website with the help of the submission form. All required materials and templates are available from the official website.