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Blipoint Architecture Exhibition Contest

Architecture is art in its highest sense. It is the art of building and of submitting to the nature of the materials, the climate, and the customs of a time. It is based on 3 principles: beauty, strength, and utility.

Architecture invites lucid dreams, modulating reality and adapting it to human desires, and it drives us, by way of the camera, to record the richness and strength of geometry.

The exhibition with the 15 winning images will take place from 5-15 February 2011 in Espacio Artistico Estudio Nomada.


Photographs, collages, paintings, illustrations, or mixed format techniques can be submitted.


15 images will be selected by a qualified panel of judges, from among the first 100 pre-selected that have received the best quality of votes. These will be displayed in an exhibition in the Estudio Nomada artistic space, on Palma de Sant Just 7, Barcelona, Spain from 05-15 February 2011.

A digital certificate registering your participation in the exhibition will be sent via email.

A cocktail party will be held to inaugurate the exhibition.

The day of the inauguration, a video will be made and photos will be taken, and they will be published in various media such as a digital art magazine, local press, blogs that specialize in art events, and social networks, among others.


  • Only registered Blipoint users can participate. Registration is free.
  • Each contestant can publish up to a maximum of 2 posters.
  • Any technique may be used. Photographs, collages, paintings, illustrations, or mixed format techniques can be submitted.
  • Only digital images will be accepted, and they must not be larger than 900 kb, and in jpg format.
  • Images that have been awarded a prize or simply participated in previous Blipoint contests will not be accepted.

How to enter?

Register on the official website, if you don’t already have an account, and submit your entries.