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[BUENOS AIRES] New Contemporary Art Museum

[AC-CA] (Architectural Competition – Concours d’Architecture) is currently hosting a new architecture competition for designing progressive solutions for a new contemporary art museum in the heart of Buenos Aires.

This is an open international competition and all interested architects and designers are invited to participate.

Winning participants will receive prizes totaling $5,400. The winning designs will be published in several architecture magazines and online.

Designing A New Contemporary Art Museum in Buenos Aires

The aim of this International Competition is to design a New Contemporary Art Museum in the Heart of Buenos Aires. The architecture of this new building should reflect contemporary design tendencies.

The proposal must not only attend to the specific function but the design should also take into consideration the urban insertion and its impact. This Competition hopes to achieve the following:

  • Encourage and reward design excellence which integrates function and structure within the art world.
  • Research, respond to and highlight the unique aspects of designing an original Contemporary Art Museum.
  • To generate the discussion of ideas regarding the functionality of an art exhibition space.
  • Encourage the employment of sustainable design in all aspects of the proposal.

This is a single stage Competition with the aim of identifying the most appropriate proposal, which best satisfies the general and specific objectives of the contest.

Winning participants will receive prizes totaling US$ 5,400. There will be 3 main prizes and 7 honorable mentions.

Entry Fee

  • Early Bird Registration: US$ 80 from 15 March to 1 May 2012
  • Late Registration: US$ 120 from 2 May to 30 June 2012