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Carl Zeiss Photo Contest 2010

Optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss launched its 2010 annual global photography competition. This year’s theme is “Light is my language”.

Photographers and photo enthusiasts are invited to illustrate and capture the theme from their own perspective.

Anyone can participate, provided the images are shot with Zeiss lenses. It doesn’t matter if the picture was taken with an SLR camera or a camera phone.

The best entry on the Carl Zeiss Photo Contest 2010 wins a Zeiss SLR lens.


The theme for the Carl Zeiss Photo Contest 2010 is “Light is my language”.

There are many ways of expressing one’s creativity through light and shadow. With light reflections, messages in bokeh (the out-of-focus area of an image), colorful accents derived from long exposure times or the soft glimmer of barely discernable light, photographers give their images meaning.

The jury will assess pictures on their creativity and technical execution of the concept.


From the 10 shortlisted images, the Flickr community will then select the three best images by designating them as a “favorite”.

  • First prize is your choice of a Zeiss SLR lens.
  • Second place is worth a cinemizer Plus, including a Nokia N8.
  • The third place winner will receive a Sony DSC-TX9 compact camera with Zeiss optics.


  • Each participant can submit one photo only.
  • Photographers and photo enthusiasts from all over the world are invited to enter their pictures.
  • All participants ensure that submitted images are theirs and are not subject to the rights of others and that the image was taken using a Zeiss lens.
  • All equipment classes are possible – whether Logitech webcam, Nokia cell phone, Sony compact camera, Sony bridge camera (e.g. R1), SLR, rangefinder or medium format camera. What counts is that your picture was taken with a lens from Carl Zeiss.
  • The usage rights of all other submitted images remains with the corresponding participants.

How to enter?

Participants in the competition should upload their best image that fits the “Light is my language” theme and tag it with the keyword “ZEISSContest2010” on the official Carl Zeiss group on Flickr.