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Cleveland Design Competition – Project 2009: Lakefront Station

Project 2009: Lakefront Station challenges entrants to propose designs for a Multi-Modal Transportation Center in Downtown Cleveland at the north end of the historic Mall. This new transportation center will provide the city with a state-of-the-art rail station ready to support high speed passenger rail service, a facility capable of integrating and balancing the needs of various transportation modes, and a pedestrian connector from the Mall to Cleveland’s lakefront. The current site configuration creates a confusing juxtaposition of infrastructure, smaller transit facilities, rail lines, and largely un-useable residual land. Solutions for a new multi-modal transit facility must evaluate the relationships between infrastructure, facility, adjacent development opportunity, and pedestrian wayfinding to develop uniquely integrated design and planning strategies.

The site provides a number of sectional issues and opportunities in exploring how this new Multi-Modal Transportation Center will redefine and enhance the connection from Downtown to North Coast Harbor and Lake Erie. Successful solutions must provide the city with a connection to Cleveland’s history as an important rail hub and prepare the city for the next evolution of transportation. Linked into a High Speed Passenger Rail network, Downtown Cleveland would be an important national rail center among a network of connected American cities, a fitting gateway to the City of Cleveland.


Propose designs for a Multi-Modal Transportation Center in Downtown Cleveland at the north end of the historic Mall.


  • First Place – $5,000.00 USD
  • Second Place – $2,000.00 USD
  • Third Place – $1,000.00 USD

Prize winners and any additional projects deemed deserving of recognition by the jury will be a part of a public exhibition after the conclusion of the competition. Please refer to the “Timeline” section of the competition webpage for the date of public exhibition.


Designs for the new Multi-Modal Transportation Center must:

  • Balance the requirements of each mode of transportation and resolve the complex infrastructure program with innovative facility planning strategies.
  • Establish a significant pedestrian connection from The Mall to North Coast Harbor. This connection must provide 24-hour, public access from Downtown to the Lakefront.
  • Illustrate an understanding of the existing facilities on the site and justify their use, removal, and/or adaptation.
  • Illustrate an understanding of the existing road and highway alignments on the site and justify their use, removal and/or adaptation.
  • Evaluate adjacent planning initiatives, and, where appropriate, incorporate influential planning concepts into the planning strategy for the multi-modal transportation center.
  • Provide a cohesive plan that incorporates all existing rail programming with provisions for future High Speed Rail service.

Competition brief

How to enter?

This competition requires individuals and teams to register prior to submission. Upon confirmation of registration, entrant(s) will be assigned a unique Identification Number.

Late Registration Deadline: 1 January 2010

Entry fee

  • $50 – Individual/Team Entry
  • $300 – Studio (University)