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Create an Accident’s International Residency 2013-2014

Mercouri Estate and Create an Accident bring creative people together from all over the world and offer the opportunity to emerging artists and researchers to create / develop and present their project during a residency period at Mercouri Estate’s facilities.

The invitation is open to artists and researchers working in a diverse range of media who want to produce, explore, challenge, and expand on their current practices.

The invited people have the opportunity to live and work on a breathtaking landscape enjoying the hospitality of the historic Mercouri Estate – located in the Western Peloponnese on the plateau of the Ichthis peninsula, near the village of Korakochori, the town of Pyrgos and its port Katakolo.

Mercοuri Estate is a strong supporter of local artistic and intellectual community. Τhe creation of this residency program aims to make the estate a strong core of support both domestic and international contemporary art scene.

With the support of Create an Accident’s administrators, the residents are invited to develop a project and present it in an open event which is organized by the hosts at the end of the residency period. The project can be a complete stand-alone project or part of an ongoing project.