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Częstochowa 2016 – 9th International Biennial Of Miniature Art

The Centre of Culture Promotion „Gaude Mater” is hosting an international exhibition competition for its 9th Biennial Of Miniature Art – Częstochowa 2016.

Every artist may send three works in one of four techniques: painting, graphics, drawing, monochromatic photography. The starting point is the size of the works – it cannot exceed 10×10 cm.

Jury selected by the organizers will award a Grand Prix and money awards, as well as honorary awards. All artists qualified to participate in exhibition will receive the official exhibition catalogue.

However, do note that the winning entries become the organizers’ property!

The Częstochowa 2016 international exhibition competition is open to professional artists and students of Art Academies–for which Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is required.

The Biennial takes place every two years in Czestochowa, Poland. The beginnings of the competition date back to 2000.

The 2016 exhibition opens on 27 August 2016 and is planned to be shown in other Polish cities, in addition to Czestochowa.

Częstochowa 2016 – 9th International Biennial Of Miniature Art Exhibition Participation Fee

The participation fee is 40 Euro, or $50 (USD).