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Dance Theatre Story – Film Competition

“Dance Theatre Story” is an open film competition of films focused on the theme of dance theatre as a form of art.

Entering the competition is not restricted by the Organisers, there are also no restrictions concerning the form and technique of the films submitted. It can be both short or full-length film forms – etudes, impressions, documentaries, reports, creations, photocasts, animations, etc.

Entrants can win 9,000 PLN (about 2000 EURO) and one special prize – the Bogusław Wojtowicz Special Award.

Speak Theatre, Dance, Movement and Emotions in the Language of Film

With the ‘Dance Theatre Story’ competition Mościce Cultural Centre would like to encourage artists to speak in a language of film about anything connected with theatre, dance, movement and emotions. The competition is organized as part of the 2nd Dance Theatres’ Festival ‘Open Stage’ in Tarnów, Poland.

You have got full freedom of form, expression, means of narration, and convention. The most important things are the concept, the process, the message, the content and the final stage result.

The programme of the Dance Theatres’ Festival ‘Open Stage’ includes:

  • dance theatre spectacles
  • competition film screenings (Dance Theatre Story)
  • photography exhibitions
  • press conferences with the authors and meetings with the audience
  • accompanying events

This film competition is open, which means that either amateurs as well as film students, photographers, independent authors and professionals of various professions, both from Poland and abroad, can enter it. The Organisers would like every film entering the competition and being presented to the audience, represent a good artistic and technical standard. The screenings repertoire will be based on submitted works.

A complete set of information, regulations and the entry form can be found on the official website.