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Dencity Competition 2015 – Call for Slum Improvement Projects

Shelter is pleased to invite people from all over the world to take part in the first annual Dencity Competition, a call for ideas for improving slum conditions worldwide over the coming decades.

Rapid world growth is not allowing cities to adapt and provide for their inhabitants. Towns are quickly growing into cities, and some of the densest places in the world are comprised of makeshift homes, otherwise referred to as slums. Now, more than ever, we need to play a central role in the development of substandard neighborhoods.

Architects, students, engineers, designers, thinkers, NGOs and organizations are all invited to participate in this competition. No professional qualifications are necessary. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged to join.

The intent of this competition is twofold: to foster new ideas on how to better handle the growing density of unplanned cities and to spread awareness of this massive problem. Contestants should consider how design can empower communities and allow for a self-sufficient future.

There are no restrictions in regards to site, program, or size. Projects can be based on a specific location or a general concept. The object is to limit constraints and give participants the freedom to think in the most creative way possible. Submissions do not need to be created exclusively for this competition, but should not have been submitted elsewhere.

Dencity Competition 2015 Prizes:

  • 1st Place: $1,500 USD
  • 2nd Place: $600 USD
  • 3rd Place: $300 USD

There will also be 5 special mentions.

Winners and special mentions will be published in several international online magazines as well as the Shelter website.

Dencity Competition 2015 Registration Fees

  • Registration Fee is $50/project (Through 15 March 2015)
  • Late Registration is $75/project (16 March 2015 – 20 April 2015)