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Design a Beautiful House – International Competition

Barton Willmore International (BWi) invites designers, architects, landscape architects, artists, engineers, and students around the world to “Design a Beautiful House”.

“Design a Beautiful House”, is an International Design Competition that seeks beautiful, high quality design proposals for a new home. “My home” is located on a 91 ha site set within London’s metropolitan green belt. It will be home to 7 people with varying requirements.

The prize fund is totals at £25,000 and will be split between several winning teams or individuals.

The competition aims to stimulate and reward innovative thinking about how a home can be designed. The project’s key themes include but are not limited to conceptual approaches to designing a home that defines ‘beauty’, through concepts, design quality and accessibility.

Each design should accommodate the following uses: living; dining; sleeping; socializing; working; learning and relaxing.