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Design a Car Unlike a Car – Domus Academy

The main philosophy of Master in Car Design in Domus Academy is not only based on beauty and restyling, but on interdisciplinary topics that surround car design 360 degrees: exterior, interior, brand values, car vision & clay modeling techniques, design language on brand accessories, sales & after sales factors.

The aim of focusing on these topics is awakening the consciousness of the masters candidates about the collateral factors that directly shape & define the real necessities of the consumers and their expectations from the car industry via the designers.

The competition is open to any designer (professional or student) who is interested to gain a new vision & set mind in the Car Design field through DA Master in Car Design Program for challenging the future automobile trends.


There has been various handcrafted solutions in the early 1300’s to transport people from one point to another by historically acclaimed inventors utilizing the popular materials of their era like wood and metal.

In 1800’s, mass-production technologies and the invention of plastics provided the opportunity for the first official “car” models to appear.

In 1900’s, the technological heritage of the world wars such as engineering, ergonomics and series production lines along with politics defined the outline of today’s automobile production companies.

In 2000’s, the popular approach was “to give more than expected” for the sake of competition which promoted superficial “styling” in exterior & “technological integration” in interior design and indicated the first signs of an approaching crisis in automotive sector.

Today, in 2010, “large companies” are being bought by larger ones. Cars are looking like each other regardless of their brand difference. People are changing their cars continuously in pursuit of the latest trend which looks like a carbon copy of the previous model.

“Design a Car unlike a Car” is the 2nd edition of the competition series of Domus Academy Master in Car Design that aims to provoke the designers to go beyond the boundaries of “exterior beauty”. You are invited to identify the “neglected needs” and propose a solution for the continuously changing needs of our world that we have been ignoring for decades.


The applicants are expected to submit projects which:

  • reflects a basic knowledge about the fundamentals of car design;
  • are based on 3 or 4 wheel automobiles with maximum 4 meters in length;
  • have a 1,80 meter human figure placed next to the car (without covering the car on the bottom right corner of the A3 size side view poster) for the proportional reasons;
  • have unique and innovative concept;
  • have a valid & well prepared user scenario;
  • should express a good balance in proportions, graphics, materials & technology;
  • are “Environmentally Conscious”.

The submitted projects must:

  • Correspond to the competition theme
  • Fulfill the “Design Criteria”
  • Fulfill the “Delivery Requirements” completely

The expressiveness and attractiveness of the design work and interior design suggestions for the developed proposal and the details that make the design more clear & understandable will be considered as a plus during the evaluation.


Three scholarships covering respectively 70%, 50%, 30% of the total tuition fee for Domus Academy Master in Car Design A.Y. 2010.

All candidates who send their project as participation to the competition will receive an award consisting of 10% discount on the tuition fee to attend the Master in Car Design.


  • Every moral or paternity right as to the project remains property of the author.
  • The projects sent to Domus Academy will not be returned.
  • All the material must be the result of an unpublished work developed by the candidate, not to be used by the candidate in other or previous occasions.
  • A curriculum vitae and a statement of purpose of the candidate must be attached to the project.

How to enter?

The applicants are expected to deliver one compressed digital file (in ZIP or RAR format) that contains:

  • 1 (A4 size) page curriculum vitae (in DOC format)
  • 1 (A4 size) page of abstract + statement of purpose (in DOC format) (understand the vision & approach of the applicants)
  • 1 (A3 size) page Mood board (in JPG or PNG format) (the keywords, images & points of inspiration)
  • 3 (A3 size) posters (in JPG or PNG format) (side view, ¾ front view, ¾ back view of the same project

The presentation technique is free according to the expressive skills of the designer. (can be hand sketches, the digital illustrations, renders, etc)

The delivery can be done either:

  • by e-mail: that contains “DA-MCD2010-COMPETITITON” as subject and with the attachment of the compressed digital file (in ZIP or RAR format that is indicated above) with your full name, surname, your telephone number complete with all international & national prefixes to be sent to the address
  • by traditional postal services: by posting a buble-wrap envelope that contains one USB memorystick or DVD that contains the compressed digital file (in ZIP or RAR format that is indicated above) with your full name, surname, your telephone number complete with all international & national prefixes written on 1 (A4 size) page to be sent to the address:
    Domus Academy
    c.a. DA-MCD2010-COMPETITITON”, Master in Car Design
    Via 37 Watt 20143, Milano, Italy.