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“Design As It Should Be” Poster Contest

The PDP Conference 2017, scheduled for 19-22 October in Novi Sad, Serbia, invites artists, designers, students and anyone in between and beyond, to participate in its poster design contest.

This year, PDP’s poster competition is dedicated to the responsibility for creating, growing and changing public opinion of those working in the field of visual communication.

Selected works will be exhibited the the ninth PDP Creative Media Conference. Authors will get the Certificate of participation at the Exhibition and the winners will be awarded with official award – PDP Cube.

The “Design As It Should Be” competition theme is described in a detailed brief on the official website.

We live in a world filled with information. In different forms, through different channels and with different narratives, information greet us at every turn. Communication is getting faster, easier, and more unstoppable in every way. There are countless ways to transmit a message, but what makes a message worthy to transmit? As a visual creator you take responsibility to create, entice, and change collective opinion. That’s why we’d like to ask – what’s good design (in this day and age) anyway? Some say good design is empathetic. They say it makes you happy and helps you. They say it tells a story. That it inspires you and fills you with courage. That it surprises, makes you laugh, asks questions, makes you think. What is good design to you?

Posters need to be sent with the following specifications: PDF, B2 ( 500×700 mm), 300 dpi, CMYK color mode, High Quality Print compression.

Each participant may submit a maximum of 5 posters.

The ninth PDP Creative Media Conference will be held at the Student Culture Center “Fabrika” in Novi Sad, Serbia.