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Design Competition Program – Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust is surely among the darkest moments in modern history and all recorded civilization. Its infamous accounts mandate that mankind never again tolerate the unjust brutalization and destruction of any group or individual. Yet, in spite of the Holocaust, history continues to repeat itself.

This Memorial will be dedicated to all future generations to stand in unity against such wholesale victimization and genocide. The goal is to create a Memorial that shall raise awareness in the minds of visitors to man’s unconsciousable inhumanity to man.

This competition seeks to stimulate fresh thinking about public memorials, and invites ideas from diverse fields. The requirements for the Memorial and how it occupies the site are as unconstrained as possible.


The competition is an open, two-stage design competition.


Participants are encouraged to contemplate the meaning of the Holocaust and genocide in our lives today, and to invent a fitting design for this time and this place.

Although a final endowment has not been established at this time, a budget of between $2,000,000 and $4,000,000 has been proposed for the realization of the Memorial design, including all fees. At the first stage, competitors should view this budget figure as just a guideline, and treat the integratiion of Memorial and site conceptually and schematically. At the second stage, each finalist will be required to demonstrate the cost of implementing their proposed design to the Holocaust Memorial committee, with the expectation that both the design solution and implementation budgets will be clarified at that time.

Submissions will be judged on the basis of responsiveness to the competition program, originality and clarity of conception, and suitability of the future Memorial to its site and surrounding environment. In addition, economy and feasibility of construction within the proposed budget will be factors. However, all inventive programmatic ideas will be considered. We encourage competitors to provide the most forward thinking, compelling and speculative solutions.

Design Competition Program Design Considerations


Each finalist will be awarded an honorarium of $2,500 to develop a three-dimensional model and a fully realized scheme for the site. All final presentations will be publicly exhibited and judged at a convocation of the Jurors, and the winner will be declared at a public ceremony. The Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial organization will enter into good faith negotiations with the winning competitor for a contract to provide the services necessary to realize the Memorial.

Concurrently the design will be reviewed by the planning board and fine arts board of the city of Atlantic City. In the event the winning design is eventually built, the winner will be awarded a prize of $25,000 in addition to commensurate fees for services.


  • Competition is open to architects, landscape architects, city planners, sculptors, artists, designers, and others, either individually or in collaboration.
  • There are no age, geographic or residency requirements; however, requests for information and written materials accompanying entries must be in English.
  • The competition will be conducted anonymously, without regard to race, religion, sex, ancestry, creed or naitional origin.
  • Excluded from participation in the competition are members of the Jury, employees, advisors, and ACBHM committee members and members of their family.
  • The selection of 6 to 10 finalists from among the entrants in stage one, as well as several additional merit awards, will be made anonymously by the Jury.
  • Participants may submit more than one proposal, but each must be separately registered. Should your team’s composition change from the time of your initial registration, complete and mail us a new registration form.
  • Registration implies acceptance of all terms and conditions, as set forth in its enitirety on the ACBHM website.

Design Competition Program Preliminary Competition Rules

How to enter?

All proposals must be submitted online to no later than 5 p.m. EST, 15 March 2010. Please read the official rules carefully before submitting your entry.

Due to unprecedented interest, the Design Competition Management Committee has decided to permit late registrations for an additional $50 fee. The late registration period extends from 15 February to 15 March 2010. Late registrants (and only late registrants) will be allowed to submit their submissions until 1 April 2010.

Entry fee

A non-refundable processing fee of $100 ($50 if student) is required. Additional $50 processing fee is required for late registration.