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Dobrich City Centrum Architecture Competition

Dobrich Municipality, Bulgaria and Optimistas are organizing an international architectural competition of the central city section of Dobrich, Bulgaria.

The Municipality of Dobrich is pleased to invite all professionals, with a positive approach towards and interest in urban planning and design, to participate in an open and anonymous competition.

More than 60,000 Euro will be awarded in the competition, of which 25,000 Euro are reserved for the best project and the 1st place prize. The 2nd place prize is 20,000 Euro and the 3rd place prize – 15,000 Euro.

The Dobrich City Centrum Architecture Competition seeks to obtain a comprehensive and sustainable concept for rethinking of the central city section of Dobrich within the scope of Zone A (described in detail on the official website), and, for the scope of Zone B – a conceptual design.

In Eastern Europe, and Bulgaria in particular, architectural competitions are not very common. It is very difficult and complicated to hold true competitions, which should be conducted according to the established world practices, respecting the principles of equality, anonymity, impartiality.

This international competition is conducted in strict compliance with all rules and established best practices:

  • openness — participation will be open to anyone interested in participating, without restrictions and/or discrimination.
  • anonymity — a guarantee that the judges will not have access to names and authors, but will judge only the competition projects.
  • impartiality — fair competition of ideas and concepts, with the objective of the Contracting Authority being to obtain the best solution for the central pedestrian zone and a project to be implemented at a later stage.

Please find further details on the official website.