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Duepercinque competition – Public Design Festival

The duepercinque competition was created to make the public opinion more aware of the public space as a context for projects, to offer everyone – Italians and foreigners alike – the opportunity to express their creativity in a festival which talks about public space and enjoy a prestigious showcase, such as Milan’s Salone del Mobile and other important events in Milan and to establish in time a tradition of projects in the public space.

Participants shall design an intervention in a urban (2m x 5m) parking space.


You may submit different kinds of projects, such as installations, communication projects, services for the city, actions, urban furniture items, or performances.

Submitted projects shall be related to public space according to the following guidelines:

  • development of new (creative, temporary, or experimental) solutions to the city’s problems
  • re-appropriation of the public space as a place to express yourself
  • public space as a place where people meet, get together, exchange ideas, integrate, and experiment
  • public space as a place where a sense of community is built
  • development of new ways to use the public space

The Jury will favour projects meeting the following requirements:

  • interaction with the public
  • innovative use of recycled or new generation materials
  • development of new solutions to the city’s problems
  • a low environmental impact


Selected designers will have the possibility to complete their projects during Public Design Festival’s second edition.


  • All presented projects shall be new and novel, and especially developed for this competition.
  • The competition is open to people over 18 (for groups, at least one member must be over 18): they may be art, design, or communication students, academies, professionals, or artists.
  • Work groups are also admitted, provided their project contains the group leader’s personal data. For groups, the submission must be carried out by the group leader, who will have the possibility to write the members’ names.
  • Designers may autonomously find a technical sponsorship. The Company’s logo will be visible on the totem pole, preceded by “in collaboration with…”. The scientific committee will have the possibility to decide whether or not the company is compatible with the festival’s image.
  • The participants in the competition, even if awarded the prize, will retain the property and the exploitation rights of their works.
  • Non-compliance with these terms will result in the immediate exclusion from the competition, or should the non-compliance be established at a later stage in the revocation of conferred awards – by unappealable decision of the jury – as well as in the repayment of received prizes.

How to enter?

The projects and the enclosed information sheets shall be uploaded on the website by the midnight of 10 February 2010.

The projects shall be submitted as follows:

  • in digital format only, no other formats will be accepted
  • all documents shall be gathered in just one PDF file
  • the PDF file submitted shall be named after the group leader
  • any video shall be in Quicktime format
  • the submitted file shall not be bigger than 8 MB.

At this first stage you shall send:

  • personal data
  • curriculum
  • project description and purposes
  • project rendering, illustrations, photo images
  • budget required to complete and manage the project, with single entries
  • list of possible sponsors to be involved.