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Düsseldorf Noise Protection Interdisciplinary Concept Competition

DB Netz AG is implementing the construction of new noise barriers. An interdisciplinary design competition for art, urban planning, architecture, engineering and research will be held in order to meet the complex requirements.

The organizers are looking for innovative, visionary and quickly realisable concepts and models for the inner-city integration or compensation of noise reduction measures for the city of Düsseldorf.

The competition is an interdisciplinary, non-open, single-phase ideas competition for teams of artists, architects, urban and landscape planners and civil engineers, as well as other disciplines freely chosen by the teams (e.g. biologists, industrial designers, ecologists) with a preliminary open prequalification.

With the Rhine-Ruhr-Express (RRX) project, DB Netz AG is implementing one of the most significant railway infrastructure projects in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). The construction of new noise barriers is necessary for noise protection under immission control law. They are to be in general 4 – 5 m in height, covering a total area of about 125,000 square metres over a length of more than 25 km within the densely populated urban area of the State Capital Düsseldorf. This represents a major challenge in terms of urban design.

The goal is to develop an innovative and visionary design idea which is meaningful and functional for the entire city, which is accepted and supported by large parts of the urban society, which is representative of sustainability and climate neutrality and at the same time develops supra-regional appeal, allowing for transformation into a both feasible and financially viable concept in a timely manner after the planning approval decisions.

The aim of this competition is to integrate noise protection to the highest possible degree into the corresponding urban environment and to compensate for disturbing effects on the cityscape and to positively charge and shape this part of the city. In addition to the necessary immission protection, it is expected to also impress the urban community as an aesthetically convincing, style-forming and identity-creating landmark and increase the quality of life.

Please check the official website for the extensive project information.