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Dutch Design Competition USA 2014

The Dutch government is looking for a new giveaway to distribute in the United States, and is inviting designers to submit inventive, quirky and smart ideas for a functional and affordable small item inspired by Dutch Design.

The competition is open to everyone. The organizers hope that Dutch designers, US designers inspired by Dutch Design, as well as special teams of Dutch and US designers will participate.

The Netherlands is defined by its innovative spirit and entrepreneurship in the arts and design industries. Creative ingenuity is an essential part of their nature. Being Dutch inherently means pushing boundaries when tackling problems. Like Americans, the Dutch value new ideas and enjoy exploring them. With centuries of cutting-edge arts and culture in our history, they are known for their high commitment to quality and their pragmatic approach.

The top 10 entries will be selected by a high-profile jury by the beginning of April, and will be printed in 3D by Shapeways. The competition will then start its second phase when the designs become part of a temporary exhibit in New York City (location to be determined). Members of the public will vote on their favorite. The winning design will be announced in mid-April.