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European Fashion Award FASH 2016 – Change

German Fashion Industry Foundation has recently announced the 2016 European Fashion Award FASH competition, inviting design students around the world to participate.

The European Fashion Award FASH 2016 with the subject “Change” is searching for visions of a new era. How can fashion react? Should there be more adaptation, subversive strategies, or should we dream completely new dreams? Who will ride the wave of change and claim the future?

The total prize fund of the 2016 Competition is 80,000 Euro, which will be distributed across several competition categories.

Participation is open to especially talented design students of all disciplines, but especially from the fashion and textile design areas.

The European Fashion Award FASH is an annual competition by the not-for-profit Stiftung der Deutschen Bekleidungsindustrie (German Fashion Industry Foundation), in short SDBI. Klaus Steilmann, at the time Europe’s largest manufacturer of women’s fashion, founded SDBI in 1978.