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FEP Awards 2023 – Photography Competition

The 2023 edition of the FEP Awards competition — previously FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards, is now open for entries.

The aim of this competition is to help promote the photographic profession and to raise the level of professional standards. It is intended to give just recognition to those who work in this sector according to the highest levels of quality and professionalism.

The FEP Awards are open to all professional photographers who are registered and resident in a European country (as defined by the Council of Europe), with no discrimination of sex, race, religion, nationality or ethnicity. The competition is open to both members and non-members of FEP associations.

The 2023 edition brings a new list of categories is:

  • Advertising/Commercial
  • Digitally Created Images
  • Domesticated Animals
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Illustration and Fine Art
  • Landscape
  • Nature
  • People & Portrait
  • Reportage/Photojournalism
  • Sports
  • Wedding
  • Wildlife

The following awards will be issued in 2023:

  • The overall winner: FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2023
  •  FEP European Digitally Created Images Golden Camera Award
  •  FEP European Advertising/Commercial Golden Camera Award
  •  FEP European Fashion & Beauty Golden Camera Award
  •  FEP European Illustration & Fine Art Golden Camera Award
  •  FEP European Landscape Golden Camera Award
  •  FEP European Nature Golden Camera Award
  •  FEP European People & Portrait Golden Camera Award
  •  FEP European Domesticated Animals Golden Camera Award
  •  FEP European Reportage/Photojournalism Golden Camera Award
  •  FEP European Sports Golden Camera Award
  •  FEP European Wedding Golden Camera Award
  •  FEP European Wildlife Golden Camera Award

A Silver Camera Award and a Bronze Camera Award will also be issued in all categories.

FEP Awards 2023 – Entry Fees

The standard fee per category is €30, which will allow the upload of the minimum three images required for that category.

Each additional image will cost €10 and there are no limits on the number of images that may be entered.