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Gentletude International Design Award 2016: Kindness

The Gentletude non-profit organization is hosting an international design competition to select a symbol/logo for 13th November – the Kindness World Day.

The logo should well interpret and represent the following concept: “We spread kindness, we spread love” and Gentletude’s mission “To inspire individuals towards greater kindness to create a kinder world”.

Ten (10) Finalist entries will be selected and awarded with a Gentletude Award Certificate. One winning entry will be awarded with 1,000 Swiss Franc.

The competition is open to all and participation can be individual or collective (by groups and/or classes). The number of entries per participant is not limited.

The annual Gentletude Award aims is to encourage a new generation of designers to be creative and consider a term known but often not used: Kindness. Every year, it receives 300 works from 40 countries.

Gentletude is a non-profit organization that pursues exclusively charitable objectives to promote actions to improve the relationships between people, respect for the environment and animals.