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GIRAF 14 – International Festival of Independent Animation

Quickdraw Animation Society (QAS) is accepting submissions for 2018, for its 14th GIRAF International Festival of Independent Animation.

The organizers are looking for animation submissions, in all styles, genres, lengths, and mediums, to present to their audience in Calgary, Canada.

Selected films will be presented during GIRAF 14 — scheduled for November 2018 — and the best International and Canadian short film will be awarded.

GIRAF presents independent animation that pushes boundaries through the use of new techniques, unique visions, and stimulating subject matter.

Submitted films can be abstract or narrative, hand-drawn or computer-generated, student films or well-established professionals, or somewhere in between — excluding commercial work!

GIRAF is an annual animation festival that runs each November at the Globe Cinema in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Incorporated in 1984, the Quickdraw Animation Society (QAS) serves as a fulcrum for independent artists and the larger community with progressive artistic and community-based initiatives.