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Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA) 2024

Xiongan Future Industrial Design Institute is calling for entries to the 2024 Goldreed Industrial Design Award.

The Goldreed Industrial Design Award is an international design prize driven by globalization, specialization and market orientation. The Award’s vision is to discover the good designs towards future which can lead a better lifestyle, upgrade industries and balance the city life with the nature.

This year, GIDA will have the Best of the Best, Gold Awards, Future Star Awards, Good Design Awards and Nomination Awards. Among them, all Gold Awards go to the product group.

Focusing on the principle of “facing the future, contributing oriental wisdom and spreading design values and spirits to create a better life for mankind”, GIDA aims to build an international, specialized industrial design award that reflects both eastern and western style. Taking information society and sustainable development as the foothold, GIDA gathers global design talent resources, discover the future design, inspire the future life and enable the future city. Committed to the Chinese philosophy of “harmony and peace”, GIDA perceives technological progress and social revolution from an eastern perspective, promotes a new direction of industrial development, creates a new way of social life in which symbiosis will be reached among man, nature and cities.

The 2024 Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA) competition includes eight entry categories:

  • Manufacturing Equipment — Advanced industrial equipment designs for emerging industries, including industrial equipment, construction equipment, agricultural and forestry equipment, mechanical tools, protective equipment, industrial robots, aerospace information equipment, commercial service robots, construction service robots, service robots, etc.
  • Transportation Means — Smart transportation designs, including unmanned vehicles, smart buses, high-speed trains, automobiles, aircrafts, mobility tools and facilities, service-oriented vehicles in urban areas, water and underwater vehicles, traffic robots, etc.
  • Home Life — Designs related to the home life, including home furniture, home appliances, kitchen and bathroom, home decoration, products for the elderly, children’s products, maternal and child products, toys and musical instruments, etc.
  • Culture and Creativity — Cultural, creative product designs, including local cultural gifts, stationery, fashion clothing and accessories, utensil packaging and tableware, etc.
  • Sports and Healthcare — Sport product designs that can improve people’s mental and physical health, including health and fitness facilities, medical devices, sports and leisure products, outdoor products, physical fitness test devices, health monitoring devices, etc.
  • Public Facilities — Product designs of service facilities within urban space system, including urban furniture, public lighting, guiding signs, shared facilities, information services, sanitation facilities, safety facilities , facilities for leisure and entertainment, emergency equipment, etc.
  • Digital Technology — Designs based on digital and information networks and other forms of delivery, include system or UX in cloud computing, big data, AI, blockchain, VR, smart cities, smart agriculture, IPV6, BDS, etc.
  • Communication Design — Innovative and interactive corporate product image communication designs,including corporate identity, brand design, display design, packaging design, animation and animation, print advertising media and other areas of products and services, etc.

The Goldreed Industrial Design Award is based in Xiongan New Area of China. It was established in 2019 with the support of People’s Government of Hebei Province and Xiongan New Area Administrative Committee.

Please visit the official website for further information.