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Graphic Design Award by Yamaha (GDAY) 2015

Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Corporation are pleased to introduce the Graphic Design Award by Yamaha (GDAY) 2015 competition, a new international design award inviting innovative graphic communication ideas from both established and emerging visual communication designers or design collectives.

Graphic Design Award by Yamaha is a global award that looks for new designs of marks, symbols, and pictograms that, in a universal way, promote the theme of “concept” in the realest sense of the word.

The competition theme is “Graphic form of KANDO” and a the Grand Prix is US $10,000!

The Theme comes from the Japanese word and philosophy, “KANDO”, which means “for the heart” or “to be deeply moved”. The philosophy of Kando sits at the core of both Yamaha brands. The GDAY Award hopes to seek out new graphic ideas that will become part of a wider universal language the corporations can share.

Yamaha has invited Neville Brody, a global authority in the fields of art direction, graphic design and typography, as a chair of the jury.

The original concept of GDAY evolved from Graphic Grand Prix by Yamaha, a design award that both Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Corporation organized in 2012 and 2013, showcasing a wide range of graphic design from multi-various designers and design disciplines. GDAY seeks to build on this success to create deeper connections with the world through a more direct competition approach.