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Hariban Award 2022 – International Collotype Competition

Applications are currently accepted for the 2022 Hariban Award — a residency and exhibition competition open to all photographers working in black and white only.

Presented by Benrido Atelier, the Hariban Award combines a 160-year-old analogue technique with the new vision of digital-age photography. The award is called “Hariban” as “Hari” means glass plate and “ban” means printing plate in Japanese.

Professionals and amateurs alike are invited to submit black and white photographs for a chance to win this remarkable award.

The competition is only open to photographers working in black and white.

The Grand Prize Winner receives a two-week residency in Kyoto, Japan to collaborate with the master printer’s of Benrido. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the residency for the Hariban Award 2022 Grand Prize Winner will be held from April 2023. The 2022 Grand Prize Winner’s collotype prints will be exhibited in a solo exhibition once their residency is complete.

All finalists will receive a catalogue – printed in collotype and hand-bound by traditional binders in Kyoto, Japan. The catalogue will be published in 2023.

About Benrido & Collotype

Established in 1887, Benrido has specialised in the unique printing technique known as Collotype and today remains as one of only a few studios left in the world capable of making fine colour collotype prints.

Collotype is an alternative printing process that was invented in 1855 by the French engineer Alphonse Poitevin as a method for photographic fine art printing. Photographic prints of the 19th century had poor image preservability, and over time gradually faded and discoloured. To compensate for this, various printing methods using pigments were devised, one of the established techniques among them was collotype.

Hariban Award 2022 – Application Fee

A payment of US $50 is required to apply to the Hariban Award.