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Holland Animation Film Festival 2010

The fourteenth international Holland Animation Film Festival will be held from 3 – 7 November 2010 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The festival is organized by the Holland Animation Film Festival Foundation.

The festival aims at bringing high-quality animation film to the attention of an adult audience, as well as stimulating screening of these films in cinemas and on television. The festival plans to achieve this goal by screening different types of animation, by organizing competitions and raising publicity for the medium.


Animated films can be submitted in the following competitions:

  • International competition shorts (categories: narrative and non-narrative)
  • International competition commissioned films (categories: commercials, music videos, educational or information films, station calls and leaders)
  • International competition features
  • European competition student films


Awards will be given in the following competitions:

  • International competition shorts
  • International competition commissioned films
  • International competition features
  • European competition student films


  • The entered films must have had the premiere after the 1st of July 2009.
  • The number of entries is unlimited. However, for every entry a separate entry form must be completed.
  • In case of non-English information films and commercials, a list of dialogue in English must be added.
  • Standard for screening during the festival will be films on 35 and 16mm, both picture and sound on the same support, and videotapes of the system Betacam-SP PAL, or High Definition SP PAL. Selected entries for applied animation are compiled onto one Betacam-SP per programme. Because of the quality please be advised to send in your entry on Betacam-SP PAL or Digibeta PAL.
  • The standard norm for selection is DVD video only. Note that DVD’s must be playable at universal DVD players!
  • Films are only accepted on video or HD if not finished on 16mm or 35mm.

How to enter?

Click here to create your own MyHAFF account and fill in the application form.

Your entry will only be accepted upon reception of the DVD video preview copy along with the other requested information: synopsis, filmography/biography of the director(s) and at least one digital still in full colour. Specifications of digital stills: jpg in high resolution (300 dpi) and 70 mm width for publication in the festival magazine. Note that DVD video’s must be playable at universal DVD players!

  • Deadline entry forms and preview tapes for the competition of features is 1 August 2010.
  • Deadline screening copies: 15 September 2010 for video, 15 October 2010 for film copies.

Postal address:

Holland Animation Film Festival
Hoogt 4
The Netherlands