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How Did You Do It? – An Anti Spec-work Contest

Celebrating its rebranding and with the intention to give back to its community for the support shown, Loviv – the place for designers to show off their work – is hosting a design contest called: How Did You Do It?

The organizers are fascinated by digital design and creation, the creative process and the techniques used to make those fantastic creations. Through this contest they are inviting all creatives to show their way of working creatively.

How Did You Do It? is about sharing some of your creative process when you work on your next design, illustration, website, etcetera…

An Anti Spec-work Contest

It is not about making a detailed tutorial but just a simple summary where you tell a little of what your project is about, what was your source of inspiration, the options evaluated, the key steps…

If you already have something of the kind from a previous project, you can definitely use it. Everything is welcome, whether it is a logo, typography, a poster, a web, a mobile app design, a WordPress theme, an icon collection…

Why this contest?

Here are some reasons: because of our recent rebranding, because after one year and a half we really want to give back to our community for the support shown, and maybe the most important, for an educational purpose:

At present our creative community is engaged in a bitter debate over the threat that certain practices pose to the industry. Terms such as crowdsourcing, spec-work and even some forms of freelancing…we think that designers, illustrators…creatives in general must fight against anything which degrades their work in any way.

At we want to make perfectly clear our position against spec-work and we’d like to take this opportunity to show our support for initiatives such as No!spec. We believe that part of the problem comes from a lack of education on our side regarding the work behind any creation. The clients ought to know what the creative´s real work is about. We just want to do our bit in this sense.

Anyone can participate, regardless of whether or not they are members of Loviv at present. There are interesting sponsored prizes for the winners.