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How Low Can Your Logo? Challenge

How Low Can Your Logo? is testing your capacity to willingly create that which you spend your entire life trying not to create: the worst logo ever. Isn’t that anti-challenging?

This is your chance to conjure up design demons from the darkest nether regions of their inner world and be purged of them forever.

The logo lancelot with the worst design will surely bask in the glory of industry infamy for generations to come.


Create the worst logo ever. Do whatever it takes to create an ugly piece of logo design. Here you can find instructions from the client.

All entries will be judged by the populace. The logos with the most “thumbs-down” (the good kind of bad) will move on to round two.


The winner will receive these fine awards:

  • One (1) Laserdisc player. One (1) copy of Robot Monster (1953), considered to be one of the worst of the worst films ever. Two (2) pairs of 3D glasses. One (1) bag of popcorn.
  • 1 Year Subscription to Print Magazine.
  • 1 Year Subscription to How Magazine.
  • 1 copy of each Graphic Design Referenced, Women of Design, Flaunt and The Word It Book from UnderConsideration.
  • 50 18″x24″ 2-color prints from The Half and Half.
  • 100 letterpressed business cards from Copper Dog Press.
  • Infamy.


  • File Type: All files must be jpgs. (No JPEGs) Please name your image with your name.
  • Dimensions: 400px x 300px (width x height).
  • Resolution: 72 dpi (save for web).

How to enter?

Submit your entries on the official website.