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Huawei Next Design Awards 2021

To push the boundaries of design, Huawei are gathering artistic talent from all over the world and invite you to join, as a new era of mobile aesthetics is being defined.

This Competition not only crosses borders — it opens a dialog about differences in what we find attractive for phones, smartwatches, and other communications accessories. Join Huawei in building concepts that boast commercial, artistic, and cultural value.

The Grand Prize winner for 2021 will be awarded $20,000Huawei Mate 40 and Huawei smartwatch. Multiple other prizes will be awarded in each of the competition categories for this year.

The 7 competition categories for 2021 are:

  • Phone Themes
  • Watch Faces
  • Cities in bloom
  • Foldable Screen Themes
  • Enjoy the Moment
  • Original IP
  • Wallpapers

Entries must be submitted before 31 August 2021, 24:00 Beijing time (GMT+8).

Winners will be chosen by the judging panel of the organizers committee. Each entry is reviewed twice, preliminary review and final review, which encompasses type-based review and comprehensive review. The judging panel will select approximately 1,000 entries for final review, which it deems are the best, based on the purpose, rationale, design concept, visual impact, information delivered, and accessibility of the work. The judging panel selects the award winners from said entries.

Having been held five times, the Huawei Next Design Awards international competition has attracted tens of thousands of designers and illustrators from all over the world.