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INDUSTART 2015 International Industrial Design Awards

The INDUSTART international industrial design awards have recently launched in Ukraine, as an annual competition open to industrial designers in more than 30 countries.

INDUSTART is not only a multilevel competition but great annual arrangement that will become the event in the sphere of design, modern art, technologies and business perspectives for everyone who need the beauty and harmony of the human-made objective reality.

The INDUSTART 2015 winner will get an unforgettable trip to the most anticipated event, the epicenter of creative ideas – Maison & Object exhibition, which will be held in Paris in January 2016. The winner will also be awarded a Wacom Cintiq 13HD interactive display.

The competition includes the following seven (7) categories:

  1. Furniture design
  2. Equipment design
  3. Lighting design
  4. Computer equipment and consumer electronics design
  5. Transport design
  6. Design of decor in the interior
  7. Jewelery and accessory design

Realized projects, design concepts and student works will be observed separately in each category.

INDUSTART Awards 2015 Registration Fees

Registration fees start at 10 Euro for Students and 20 Euro for everyone else.