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Jacques Rougerie Foundation 2021 International Architecture Competition

The Jacques Rougerie – Institut de France Foundation is calling for projects to its 2021 International Architecture Competition.

Bio-inspired architectural innovation and sustainable development are the key words of this competition. Located on or under the sea or in space, submitted projects have to consider humans and their environment at the heart of the reflection.

A total of 30,000 Euro will be awarded to projects across three main categories.

The competition is open to students and professionals. Participation is limited to a single project submission.

The Jacques Rougerie – Institut de France Foundation Awards offer architects, designers, engineers and inventors a unique opportunity to propose innovative, daring and disruptive architectural projects. They reward biomimetic, multidisciplinary projects in 3 categories:

  • Architecture and Innovation for the Sea
    • A Grand Prix (5,000 Euro), free subject
    • A Focus Award (5,000 Euro) among one of the following themes: “The underwater Village” or “A Sea Centre
  • Architecture and Innovation related to the Sea level rise
    • A Grand Prix (5,000 Euro), free subject
    • A Focus Prize (5,000 Euro) among one of the following themes: “The African Coastline“, or “Submersions, erosion” or “Living according to the tidal rhythm
  • Architecture and Innovation for Space
    • A Grand Prix (5,000 Euro), free subject
    • A Focus Award (5,000 Euro) among one of the following themes: “The Lunar or Martian Village” or “An orbital or on a star space port” or “A Research Station on the satellite of Jupiter Europe

More details about the general competition theme and each of the three category themes, are published on the official website.

As a visionary you are passionate and daring, fully committed to tackling today’s and tomorrow’s immense environmental and social challenges on the planet. You commit to act providing solutions creating meaningful new living environments and developing innovative biomimetic architectural projects for the sea, the coastlines and for space. You want to drive change towards a resilient, sustainable and human centered future. Call on your imagination and build the worlds of tomorrow in a different way, respecting biodiversity and integrating the new way of living of our societies for the common good of all.

In 2021, the Jacques Rougerie Foundation invites you to imagine daring, visionary projects, addressing the major challenges that humanity is facing. The projects will be based on biomimicry, an endless source of inspiration. Nature has always designed and manufactured the best patterns, the most beautiful shapes, the most elegant curves and produced the best materials. Your work, carried out in a transversal and multidisciplinary reflection, will be even more appreciated. Your bio-inspired project will link together form, usage and environment.

Today, more than ever, we must find new forms of habitat and mobility, new ways of life that have to be inventive and efficient for the 10 billion people who will be living on earth in 2050, 75% of whom will live near coastlines and will be therefore particularly concerned by the challenges of the sea level rise. As for the inhabited exploration of space, its development is inevitable and must be part of an approach that respects the environment and its own humanity.

Architects, designers, engineers, inventors and creators of today, build multidisciplinary teams and together design the lifestyles and habitats of tomorrow putting humans at the heart of your project, enhancing the richness of the sea and space, respecting them! It’s up to you to dare and change our perspective!

Please visit the official website for complete details.