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JAZZAMIND – The European Award – Competition 2023

JAZZAMIND is a new, Europe-wide jazz competition that will be held annually from 2023 in cooperation with an enthusiastic European Capital of Culture.

Jazz musicians have the opportunity to build their reputations across Europe and find new stages to perform throughout the continent.

The total prize money is 60,000 Euro and is divided into the following prizes in three equal categories: Award for artistic quality, Award for jazz ambassador quality and Award for originality.

The organizers invite participation from European jazz bands with up to 5 musicians (no older than 30) (instrumental/vocals).

Jazz in our minds and Europe in our hearts – this is the passionate motto of JAZZAMIND – the european award. One of the aims of this competition is to convey the idea of the common values of European culture. Jazz as a deeply democratic art form, with its social and performative interaction, is seen as a blueprint for living together in tolerance and mutual respect.

The JAZZAMIND event kicks off in the 2023 European Capital of Culture, Timișoara, Romania. The local competition organiser is Filarmonica Banatul, Timișoara, in cooperation with EUROPAMUSICALE.

JAZZAMIND – The European Award – Competition 2023 – Registration Fee

The registration fee per is 50 Euro + VAT per band.