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JCB Project 120 – Backhoe Design Competition

JCB, one of the world’s top three manufacturers of construction equipment, invites designers around the world to participate in a creative competition to re-imagine the JCB Backhoe Loader for the year 2073.

The operation of the machine, the environment it works in, extra functions, energy sources, materials, technologies, style and design – is down to you!

Three main prizes will be awarded in this competition, with the best design receiving £2,000!

So, here is the story. The year is 2073. The world maintains a continuous state of evolution. Urban environments are designed around an ever growing population, with a constant need for precision development, streamlined renovation and an environmental agenda. Agricultural production has reached industrial capacity to provide for humanity with the remaining landscape being conserved for protected species and wildlife.

Construction machinery has developed in parallel to our evolution, adapting to ever changing human lifestyles, building techniques, materials and environmental constraints. JCB invented the Backhoe Loader in 1953 and it remains the world’s number one machine due to it’s versatility and our continuous innovation. The Backhoe Loader has evolved to work in harmony with changes in human habitation proving itself to be an effective machine for the modern world.

Now. It’s up to you to imagine and design the Backhoe of the future. JCB is offering a design kit to help you get started.