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LAMP (Lighting Architecture Movement Project) 2016 Competition

The Lighting Architecture Movement Project (LAMP) has recently announced a new edition of its international lightning design competition, themed “Cosmic” for 2016.

The competition challenges designers to approach their lighting fixtures with the guidance of the theme, with the aim to introduce a broader audience to lighting design, as well as promote and connect emerging talents to new markets.

Produced, functioning light fixtures (Pendant, Wall, Table or Floor, for indoor use only), or prototypes may be submitted.

LAMP 2016 will offer several prizes which will be announced on 15th May 2016.

There are no limitations on material type and the theme is open to broad interpretation.

Students, emerging and established designers are all invited to participate, in separate categories.

LAMP 2016 Competition Entry Fees

Entry fees start at $25 for Student Submissions, $45 for Emerging Submissions and $70 for Established Submissions.